Activities for July- Berisso- Verónica

julio 4, 2009

Do the activities on pages 15,16,17,18,19 and 20 from your extra material

Any problem? Phone the institute, send an e-mail  or come from 17:30 -20:00 next week

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Activities for July-Ringuelet-Mariela

julio 3, 2009

Extra material pages:142, 143, 144 and 145

Un beso. Mariela

Activities for July-Berisso – Valeria

julio 3, 2009

Read :  K`s First Case  and do the activities from The extra material (page : 15 ,16, 17 )

Workbook : Page 106 ( exc : 1,2,3 ) Page 108 ( exc : 1,2,3,4,5 )

Extra Activities for July – Berisso – Angelina

julio 3, 2009


New Opportunities Student’s Book: page 39 ex. 1-4

New Opportunities Language Powerbook: page 28 page 28 ex. 1- 3 and Skills Corner.

Also have a look at Links section on ELM’s Home Page. There are online activities for all ages.

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Activities for July – Ringuelet-Berisso – Mónica/Mariela

julio 3, 2009

Leer los capítulos 1 y 2 de la historia “Rip Van Winkle” y hacer las actividades correspondientes a cada uno de las páginas 6-7 (Chapter 1) y páginas 12-13 (Chapter 2)

Extra material

Hacer los ejercicios de las páginas 8 y 17.

Extra activities for July – Ringuelet – Patricia

julio 3, 2009

v     Extra material handout: pages 2, 3, 4 and 5 (not the vocabulary exercises, only Grammar)

v     Short Story: The Wrong Man

Part 1. Read and answer:

1-     Where does the story take place?

2-     What´s the weather like?

3-     Are the two men in the hotel room on holidays?

4-     What do they want to do?

5-     What is Sydney like?

6-     What did the police receive?

7-     Who is Steve Malone?

8-     What do the police know about the killer?

9-     How many suspects are there?

10- Where does Steve put his bag?


            Part 2. Read and correct the wrong information:

1-     A young man is looking at Steve´s things.

2-     Sally is a police officer.

3-     Sally wants to write a novel.

4-     Steve is happy to see her looking at his things.

5-     Sally and Steve have dinner at a restaurant.

6-     Munro gets angry with Sally and Steve.

7-     Steve and Sally find a letter on a table.

8-     Steve and Sally are going to climb the rock.

9-     Steve and Sally look through Micky´s manager´s room.

10- Sally has a gun.


Workbook: Pages 50, 51 ex. 1

 There are some copies availabe at the institute (reading comprehension activities)

Good luck, see you after winter holidays, don´t miss me.


Extra Activities for July- Berisso- Cecilia

julio 3, 2009

* Extra Material.  Pages 33 and 34 (Skills Extension Units 6 and 7)

* Read The Murder of  Mary Jones and answer the questions on page 39 from the book.

If you have any doubt please send an e-mail to the institute. Good Luck!!

Extra activities for July-Ringuelet-Lorena

julio 3, 2009

Read K’s first case and do the exercises in the new extra material.

Last year’s extra material: page 19 (all); page 20 ex.6; page 21, 22 and 31 (all)

If you have any doubts, send me an email to:

Extra activities for July-Ringuelet-Lorena

julio 3, 2009

Read The Case of the Lonely Lady and answer the questions at the end of the story.

Extra Material: Reading page 9 and pages 13-14 (all)

If you have any doubts send me an email to:

Activities for July- Berisso- Veronica

julio 3, 2009

Read “Dracula” by Bram Stoker and answer the questions from pages 53, 54, 55, 56 and 57.

If you have any doubts, please send an email to the institute.

Good luck!!