Activities for July- Berisso- Verónica

julio 4, 2009

Do the activities on pages 15,16,17,18,19 and 20 from your extra material

Any problem? Phone the institute, send an e-mail  or come from 17:30 -20:00 next week

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Activities for July-Ringuelet-Mariela

julio 3, 2009

Extra material pages:142, 143, 144 and 145

Un beso. Mariela

Activities for July-Berisso – Valeria

julio 3, 2009

Read :  K`s First Case  and do the activities from The extra material (page : 15 ,16, 17 )

Workbook : Page 106 ( exc : 1,2,3 ) Page 108 ( exc : 1,2,3,4,5 )

Extra Activities for July – Berisso – Angelina

julio 3, 2009


New Opportunities Student’s Book: page 39 ex. 1-4

New Opportunities Language Powerbook: page 28 page 28 ex. 1- 3 and Skills Corner.

Also have a look at Links section on ELM’s Home Page. There are online activities for all ages.

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Activities for July – Ringuelet-Berisso – Mónica/Mariela

julio 3, 2009

Leer los capítulos 1 y 2 de la historia “Rip Van Winkle” y hacer las actividades correspondientes a cada uno de las páginas 6-7 (Chapter 1) y páginas 12-13 (Chapter 2)

Extra material

Hacer los ejercicios de las páginas 8 y 17.

Extra activities for July – Ringuelet – Patricia

julio 3, 2009

v     Extra material handout: pages 2, 3, 4 and 5 (not the vocabulary exercises, only Grammar)

v     Short Story: The Wrong Man

Part 1. Read and answer:

1-     Where does the story take place?

2-     What´s the weather like?

3-     Are the two men in the hotel room on holidays?

4-     What do they want to do?

5-     What is Sydney like?

6-     What did the police receive?

7-     Who is Steve Malone?

8-     What do the police know about the killer?

9-     How many suspects are there?

10- Where does Steve put his bag?


            Part 2. Read and correct the wrong information:

1-     A young man is looking at Steve´s things.

2-     Sally is a police officer.

3-     Sally wants to write a novel.

4-     Steve is happy to see her looking at his things.

5-     Sally and Steve have dinner at a restaurant.

6-     Munro gets angry with Sally and Steve.

7-     Steve and Sally find a letter on a table.

8-     Steve and Sally are going to climb the rock.

9-     Steve and Sally look through Micky´s manager´s room.

10- Sally has a gun.


Workbook: Pages 50, 51 ex. 1

 There are some copies availabe at the institute (reading comprehension activities)

Good luck, see you after winter holidays, don´t miss me.


Extra Activities for July- Berisso- Cecilia

julio 3, 2009

* Extra Material.  Pages 33 and 34 (Skills Extension Units 6 and 7)

* Read The Murder of  Mary Jones and answer the questions on page 39 from the book.

If you have any doubt please send an e-mail to the institute. Good Luck!!